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Books that shaped my understanding of the climate crisis and continue to inform my thinking and my actions.

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Book cover of «Nomad Century» by Gaia Vince Book cover of «Hot Air» by Peter Stott Book cover of «Losing Earth» by Nathaniel Rich Book cover of «Speed & Scale» by John Doerr Book cover of «ErzÀhlende Affen» by Samira El Ouassil & Friedemann Karig Book cover of «How I Learned to Understand the World» by Hans Rosling Book cover of «What We Owe The Future» by William MacAskill Book cover of «Electrify» by Saul Griffith Book cover of «Hope in the Dark» by Rebecca Solnit Book cover of «The Climate Book» by Created by Greta Thunberg Book cover of «The Future We Choose» by Christiana Figueres & Tom Rivett-Carnac Book cover of «The Life You Can Save» by Peter Singer Book cover of «Doughnut Economics» by Kate Raworth Book cover of «Under a White Sky» by Elizabeth Kolbert Book cover of «Climate: A New Story» by Charles Eisenstein Book cover of «The Hummingbird's Gift» by Sy Montgomery Book cover of «Under The Sky We Make» by Kimberly Nicholas Book cover of «How To Blow Up a Pipeline» by Andreas Malm Book cover of «A Bigger Picture» by Vanessa Nakate Book cover of «The Value of Everything» by Mariana Mazzucato Book cover of «How Are We Going to Explain This» by Jelmer Mommers Book cover of «Six Degrees» by Mark Lynas Book cover of «All We Can Save» by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson & Katharine Wilkinson Book cover of «The Ministry of the Future» by Kim Stanley Robinson Book cover of «The Uninhabitable Earth» by David Wallace-Wells Book cover of «Factfulness» by Hans Rosling Book cover of «Drawdown» by Paul Hawken Book cover of «The Sixth Extinction» by Elizabeth Kolbert

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