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Mein 2011: Affaires à suivre

December 27, 2011

2011 war ein verrücktes Jahr, ein grossartiges Jahr. Und das beste: Das meiste, was ich 2011 gemacht habe, wird mich 2012 weiter begleiten.

Mit dem einen Vorsatz: Mehr Fokus.

Das bleibt hängen von 2011:

Das sind meine Pläne für 2012:

These are great times for journalism. This is how I work:


I grew up as a journalist of words. It remains one of my favourite means to tell stories. Chosen wisely, put in the correct order and structured well, words are as powerful as ever.


When we build applications, when we report and present stories in novel ways, code is what drives them. Speak the language of computers, make them work for you.

How I Learnt to Code


Call it data journalism, if you will. Numbers and data in general are a wonderful raw material to work with. I dig for stories and tell them in visually compelling ways.

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I think, write – and speak, if you ask me to – about technology and how it changes media and everything else.

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My work has appeared in The Guardian, Quartz, Spiegel Online, Das Magazin, Tages-Anzeiger, SonntagsZeitung, TagesWoche, among others.

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